Public Awareness & Recognition

In Texas there is a clear need for a broad public-awareness campaign on water conservation. According to a statewide market research study conducted in 2004, less than 30 percent of citizens definitely know where their water comes from. Increased awareness and recognition efforts are needed to reach various water use sectors such as industry, agriculture, municipalities, and ultimately the general public. In order to successfully reach multiple audiences, water conservation messaging needs to be consistent and supported with research and data. Technical support, financial support, and staffing support are desired resources that will enhance the effectiveness of any awareness and recognition efforts. Additionally, public recognition of conservation successes is a key component because it is a way to motivate people as well as showcase successful case examples.

Summary of Progress

The workgroup and Council as a whole determined that the best approach to addressing their charges was to establish a program proposal for promoting Water IQ as a statewide awareness program to begin efforts to gather preliminary information, and to identify some long term targets and goals in water conservation awareness.

As the Council began to identify the need for more data and the future need for more comprehensive awareness programs they recognized that there will also be a need to evaluate the effectiveness of educational awareness programs and a need to standardize measurements of how water conservation is calculated and reported.

The Council is actively working on an online voluntary survey to canvas the existing efforts around the state involving local public awareness and recognition programs. At this time the survey is only voluntary and is scheduled to be available early 2009. However, there is a need for retrieval of this type of data and a need for consistent response rates on this type of data request. A survey like this may provide some preliminary baseline research.

The wise and efficient use of the state’s water resources is a vital component to meeting the current and future water needs of the state. A state funded water awareness and conservation campaign is critical to the basic understanding of water knowledge and the need for modifying the consumer’s inefficient water practices. The development and implementation of the Water IQ: Know Your Water campaign was tailored after the state’s successful anti-pollution campaign “Don’t Mess with Texas.” While Water IQ is in its infancy and has been implemented only in parts of the State with local funding, the program could be available for state wide use with legislative appropriations. The Water IQ water awareness campaign, with state funding, would further the expansion of the program’s implementation across the state and would provide for reinforced, long-term water use behavior changes.

Because the Council strongly supports the continued implementation of the statewide campaign for water conservation, they are actively pursuing ways to enhance and maintain the statewide public awareness program for water conservation. Through many discussions the Council is confident that the implementation of Water IQ, the ongoing statewide water conservation awareness program, has the potential to strengthen existing local water conservation programs and boost public awareness in areas of the state that do not have local water conservation programs.

Next Workgroup Meeting

To be determined. Upon request, the Texas Water Development Board will facilitate in providing onsite conference space for external participants interested in listening in on workgroup sessions.

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