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As water demand projections depict a growing need for conservation, water user groups will need to refer to tools and resources to develop, implement, and manage effective water conservation programs. Only limited resources currently exist for Texas water conservation programs. An aware and motivated audience must have easy access to information that will assist them in developing good conservation practices. Texas is not unique in our need for conservation; therefore pursuing opportunities to collaborate with existing national efforts will strengthen the resources for Texas and allow the state to efficiently use those resources. Regional and local conservation programs will be more successful if they have resources and tools for guidance.

Summary of Progress

The workgroup and Council as a whole decided that a necessary requisite for monitoring new technologies for possible inclusion in the best management practices guide was to first establish a standard procedure of updates and revisions intended to maintain the integrity and quality of the guidance tool. Additionally the Council understood that it is to develop a state water management resource library. The initial requirement for meeting this charge is to determine the elements, scope, and requirements of this resource library.

The Council feels that the greatest level of success in water conservation can only be achieved when information is put in the hands of the largest number of stakeholders. Having a resource library that contains information about water conservation that all can access and use is seen as a key element to a successful water conservation program in Texas.

The Council began by defining the parameters for organizing water conservation information resources that all stakeholders can access, and by developing a process for pushing new information out to relevant stakeholders. The Council felt that a resource library must capture any new technologies so they can be shared quickly with all relevant stakeholders. It was determined that the resource library cannot be simply a database for collecting information; it must also incorporate a system for getting the information in the hands of those who can use it. It is also intended to have the current edition of the BMP Guide to be incorporated into the resource library.

The Council prepared two documents related to the two legislative tasks. One document, entitled “Internal Development Procedures for Water Conservation Best Management Practices (BMP) Guide”, describes a methodology for managing the Best Management Practices Guide to provide for revisions to existing Best Management Practices and the addition of new Best Management Practices. The second document, entitled “An Evaluation of Parameters and Elements for a Resource Library”, outlines the key elements of an online resource library for water conservation. Additional work is needed to provide more specificity to the library proposal but little additional progress can be made unless some funding can be provided to begin the development of the library.

The Council has also been reviewing the possibility of forming a cooperative effort with the Alliance for Water Efficiency in the development of a national water conservation clearing house. The goals of the national project align with the goals and charges of the Council. The state’s online resource library and the national clearing house have the potential to complement each other while enhancing the magnitude and quality of both resources.

Next Workgroup Meeting

To be determined. Upon request, the Texas Water Development Board will facilitate in providing onsite conference space for external participants interested in listening in on workgroup sessions.

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