Water Conservation Defined

"Those practices, techniques, programs, and technologies that will protect water resources, reduce the consumption of water, reduce the loss or waste of water, improve the efficiency in the use of water, or increase the recycling and reuse of water so that a water supply is made available for future or alternative uses."

Mission Statement

To establish a professional forum for the continuing development of water conservation resources, expertise, and progress evaluation of the highest quality for the benefit of Texas — its state leadership, regional and local governments, and general public.

Established by the Texas Legislature

In 2007, the 80th Texas Legislature, via the passage of Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 4, directed the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to appoint the members of the newly created Water Conservation Advisory Council.  Chapter 10 of the Texas Water Code outlines the purpose of the council and defines the twenty-three entities and interest groups represented by those members, as shown below.

Interest Group Member Term Ends
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Jennifer Allis
Texas Department of Agriculture David Villarreal 2023
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Marty Kelly 2027
Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board John Foster 2025
Texas Water Development Board Sam Hermitte 2023
Regional Water Planning Groups Aubrey Spear 2027
Federal Agencies Maria Martinez 2023
Municipalities Karen Guz 2023
Groundwater Conservation Districts Leah Martinsson 2025
River Authorities Valerie Miller 2021
Environmental Groups Jennifer Walker 2027
Irrigation Districts Wayne Halbert 2025
Institutional Water Users H.W. Bill Hoffman 2025
Professional Organizations Focused on Water Conservation Sarah Rountree Schlessinger 2025
Higher Education Robert Mace 2027
Agricultural Groups Charles Ring 2025
Refining and Chemical Manufacturing Craig Elam 2023
Electric Generation Greg Carter 2027
Mining and Recovery of Minerals C.J. Tredway 2025
Landscape Irrigation and Horticulture vacant
Water Control and Improvement Districts Dustan Compton 2025
Rural Water Users Kyle Eppler 2027
Municipal Utility Districts Donna Howe 2023
For additional information about the council, please contact TWDB support staff by email at wcac@twdb.texas.gov or by phone at (512) 936-0825.  Read about Water Conservation Implementation Task Force, the precursor to council.