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The Water Conservation Advisory Council (Council) seeks to invite stakeholders to participate in activities and discussions on the following topics:

  • Public awareness for increased water conservation
  • Recognition awards for water conservation success and achievements
  • The availability of resources & tools developed to guide and facilitate water conservation practices
    • Messaging and techniques that have shown success
    • Opportunities for improvement resulting in increased public participation and reduces water usage

Public Awareness

There are many water conservation public awareness efforts currently underway across Texas. Multi- media campaigns, grass-roots outreach events and resource tools are all strategies that have aided in a respectable measure of success in decreasing water waste and increasing water use efficiency. However, sustained water conservation will be achieved over the next 50 years and beyond through the involvement and commitment of all water user groups in Texas. A concerted effort of all Texas residents will be necessary to meet the needs of our growing population and associated water demands. Effective water conservation efforts and increased public awareness will be critical to meet that end.

Recognition Awards

Individuals, businesses, and communities alike are ultimately responsible for protecting and preserving our state’s water resources. Recognizing the achievements of municipal, industrial, and agricultural leaders in water conservation serves as a means to reward their efforts .These recognition efforts generate credible spokespersons within the municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors. The Council aims to recognize the water conservation efforts of leaders across Texas while at the same time generating positive media coverage, influencing policy, and encouraging others to implement their own water conservation efforts.

Resources & Tools

The Best Management Practices Guide (BMP Guide) was prepared by industry experts to provide general examples of how water conservation BMPs may be structured. It is the Council’s hope to update and expand the BMP to include additional water conservation best practices that are directly related to the largest water users in Texas.

The Council is currently considering specific updates and modifications to the BMP that will provide enhanced guidance and information to users. For example, one enhancement under consideration is to incorporate a discussion on the Determination of the Impact on Other Resources, such as energy. Industry leaders have learned that water conservation practices may impact infrastructure costs, operating and maintenance cost savings, energy savings, and personnel issues. It is important to recognize the impacts associated with water conservation practices.

For additional enhancements, the Council would like to supplement the BMP with actual case studies. Case studies will serve to identify those entities that have achieved measurable water conservation success. These case studies will serve as an example for others to follow as well as provide a resource for those who wish to implement like measures.