2019 Blue Legacy Awards ~ Manufacturing Winners


Sam Jackson, Inc.

There is an old West Texas adage, “Don’t Pray for Rain Unless You Take Care of What You Get.”

Samuel Jackson, Inc. of Lubbock embraces that message by using harvested rainwater as an alternative water supply source.

The company’s rainwater harvesting efforts reduces their dependence upon groundwater, while also providing greater water use efficiency and sustainability.

The company manufactures moisture control and drying equipment for cotton gins;

the filtered rainwater is of excellent quality and offers many benefits during the manufacturing process.

Up to 90,000 gallons of rainwater can be stored in tanks at their facility. Plant operations can be sustained on a total annual rainfall of only six inches.  These rainwater harvesting tanks are carefully monitored to determine water use trends. As a result, water use has been reduced by 30 percent.

Rainwater collection is not a complete solution to the water challenges that face West Texas residents—but it is an important component in making traditional water sources stretch farther than can presently be imagined.

  Sam Jackson, Inc.