2015 Blue Legacy Award ~ Manufacturing Winners

Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation

The Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation beef processing plant in Friona works hard to preserve the groundwater resources of the Ogallala Aquifer through extensive water conservation and reuse practices. Most of the water used in the Friona plant is dedicated to cleaning the facilities and processing nearly 5,000 head of cattle per day. Through concerted efforts, overall water usage has been reduced by 32 percent and water use efficiency has improved by more than 25 percent since 2007. The plant has also made adjustments in its water treatment and reuse, allowing farmers to withdraw water from facility lagoons for irrigation. In response to extreme drought conditions, Cargill, the City of Friona, and many other stakeholders worked together to find solutions to secure long-lasting water resources for local businesses and residents. These efforts secured a land exchange, including associated water rights, between the city and the plant such that supply and transport costs were reduced substantially for both parties. The Cargill plant in Friona provides water conservation presentations to local schools and sponsors a Playa Lake Festival each year. Their innovation and outreach efforts serve as a model for many industries in West Texas and for all who rely on the Ogallala Aquifer.