Agricultural Blue Legacy Awards


Water Grows Texas

Texas is a vast land with unique resources and industries that sustain our economy and our lives. From the Panhandle to the Rio Grande Valley water is the vital natural resource that binds our livelihoods together. In Texas agriculture is an economic engine and the water used for agricultural production brings millions of dollars into the economy every year, creating jobs and income throughout the state.

For decades, the agricultural industry has had a personal relationship with both the land and the water resources of Texas. The industry assumes the responsibility of meeting the needs of future generations while promoting an economically viable agricultural production system. For agricultural producers, water is much more than a tool of the trade.

As individuals and as an industry, agricultural producers, conservation districts and irrigation districts are actively working to protect and conserve water resources because they know that responsible stewardship is a part of good business. It is vital that we conserve water for the future without sacrificing jobs and economic growth today. Conserving water is an investment that benefits all Texans.

What is the Blue Legacy Award in Agriculture about?

Though it often goes unrecognized the agriculture industry is actively conserving and efficiently using water through everyday decisions, investments, and practices. Stewardship of our water resources deserves recognition and that is why the Water Conservation Advisory Council created the Blue Legacy Awards. The awards are a way to showcase agricultural producers as effective caretakers of water resources. Through the Blue Legacy Awards the Council honors these groups whose practices enhance conservation of water while maintaining or improving profitability

How does the award benefit agricultural producers?

The Water Conservation Advisory Council will utilize winners’ success stories to promote the agricultural industry’s efforts in water conservation. Blue Legacy Award recognition also promotes the winners themselves as credible spokespersons. Through these winners, the program will generate positive information about water conservation in agriculture as well as encourage others in the industry to improve their water conservation practices. This award sends the message that properly managed water resources is a vital component of sustainable agricultural operations.

Nominations for the Blue Legacy Award in Agriculture

Any individual, group, agency, association, council or organization may nominate an individual producer, family operation or partnership business operation. Individuals, families, or businesses may also nominate themselves.  Nominations can be submitted in only one category. Winners are selected by an expert selection committee that represents farmers, ranchers, conservation groups, state agencies, and universities. Past nominees are eligible and encouraged to resubmit their nomination form; previous winners may not reapply. The selection committee considers the use of best management practices, innovative technologies, leadership of the producer, and sustainability of business as a whole.

For questions contact Council Support Staff.