2021 Blue Legacy Awards ~ Agricultural Winners

The Water Conservation Advisory Council is proud to partner with the Texas section of the American Water Works Association (TAWWA), who hosted the 2021 Blue Legacy Awards presentation as part of the 2021 Texas Water Conference. A recording of the awards presentation can be found, here.


North Plains Groundwater Conservation District

Agricultural - Non-Producer

North Plains GCD developed their Master Irrigator Program to show producers how to maximize advanced conservation irrigation managment and conservation practices that work together to save water, conserve energy, build soil health, and enhance farm profitablity. The program aims to prepare participatns to know what tools and strategies are available for water savings, to understand how and why they work, and ultimately to choose and effectively apply them to maximize their return on investment for every drop of water they use.













Amarillo Water Management Team

Agricultural - Innovative Projects

The Amarillo Water Management Team has developed a next-generation center-pivot automation and control system which integrates soil moisture data, weather station information, machine learning techniques, and crop models to automate and deliver precision irrigation. This patent-pending system combines the latest technology and already available equipment to create a cost-effective solution to make existing center pivot systems more water efficient while automating the irrigation process with machine-learning techniques.