2017 Blue Legacy Award ~ Agriculture Winners


Hopper Farms Partnership – Harmony Farms, Inc.

Ronnie and R.N. Hopper of Harmony Farms, Inc. were early adopters of numerous water saving best management practices including crop residue management and conservation tillage and through continued commitment now apply 35 percent less water to their thriving corn and cotton crops than before. Both men are active leaders in the High Plains agricultural community and are well-respected ambassadors for saving water while improving crop production, even sharing their innovative spirit by hosting field days on their land to showcase their efforts. Because of their investments and demonstration of enhanced yield and profitability, other area producers are equipped with the knowledge they need to incorporate innovation in water conservation and land stewardship on their own farms, extending the life of the Ogallala Aquifer for future generations.

Ronnie and R.N. Hopper, conservation tillage, and receiving the award.








Leon New

First as an extension agent with Texas A&M AgriLife and now as the district conservationist for North Plains Groundwater Conservation District, Leon New has worked directly alongside thousands of agricultural irrigators over the past 50 years and has had arguably the greatest impact on irrigation efficiency and water conservation in the Texas High Plains any one person can have. Throughout his career, Mr. New has been dedicated to helping farmers increase crop production from less water by advancing irrigation technology and water conserving best management practices. One of the many letters submitted in support of his nomination stated it best: “When you consider the word ‘Legacy’ and what it means, it is only natural for Leon New to win this award.”

Leon New at Field Day, receiving the award, and in the field yet again.